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Julie Morrison

I started this line of work over eighteen years ago when I found myself owning a dog that had behavioural problems. It was through her that I became involved with trainers and developed an interest in dog behaviour.

I studied canine psychology at the Animal Care College (2002-2003) and started my own dog training classes in 2004. I then joined the largest dog welfare charity in the UK as a carer.

The philosophy I shared with the charity to improve the welfare and quality of life for dogs as well as the internal learning opportunities resulted in my promotion to Training & Behaviour Advisor at their West Calder centre.
My day to day work involved designing and implementing training programmes that ranged from teaching basic manners such as walking nicely on a lead to rehabilitating dogs that came to us with more serious behavioural problems such as fears, anxieties and dog aggression. 

This role required on-going training and along with numerous courses and seminars I have completed the Companion Animal Welfare and Behavioural Rehabilitation at Bristol University, Canine Behaviour at the Natural Animal Centre, Puppy Life Skills with Lincoln University, Canine Psychology with the Animal Care College and I am a full member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers MAPDT (UK) 01301 and an ABTC Registered Animal Training Instructor. I remained in this role up until 2015 when I was offered the opportunity by the charity to develop a new initiative to promote positive training methods throughout central Scotland.

My day to day work now involves delivering training classes from puppy socialisation classes to advanced level, as well as continuing to help owners with more complex behavioural issues. I am also responsible for providing seminars and workshops, delivered by leading experts in their field on the most modern training techniques and scientific research to local dog professionals.

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