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Paws for Thought


Promoting positive dog training techniques in Edinburgh & Midlothian since 2004

Get to know your dog

Understanding motivation is the key to effective training

Too many trainers still use punishment without ever trying to discover what the motivation for the behaviour is. Problems develop when we fail to recognise that the dog is behaving in a manner that is normal for them.

Having chosen to live with another species, it is funny that we then spend a great deal of time and effort trying to change that species and not a great deal of effort trying to understand them.

Learning what is natural and thus what is motivating your dog allows us to find effective solutions to problems.

Our approach

Setting up your dog for success

We teach you the skills to communicate and understand your dog in a relaxed and enjoyable environment. We teach you how to be creative and set your dog up for success.


Dogs are brilliant at picking up patterns and remembering what was rewarding for them. We can help you identify the best rewards for your dog so that you will have plenty of ways to influence their behaviour.


We believe a thorough knowledge of learning theory is essential for understanding how behaviours develop and become habits. This knowledge is crucial when teaching new behaviours, strengthening existing behaviours or extinguishing unwanted behaviours.

The benefits of reward based training

Punishment is always just a temporary fix

We believe it is extremely damaging to your relationship if you try to fix your problems using punishment.


Punishment is only a temporary fix because it does not teach the dog how he was supposed to have behaved in that situation.

We believe it is much more effective to guide the dog and show them how to behave using positive reinforcement for the behaviours you want.


Adult Classes


We offer a more positive approach to help with all aspects of dog ownership. Handling, staying, walking on a loose lead, coming when called and learning to be calm around people and dogs.

We run small classes so individual help is always at hand. We continuously work to strengthen the basics and teach new tricks which are interesting and enjoyable for both owner and dog.

Puppy classes

Puppies have fun, mix happily with humans and learn social skills playing with other pups. Owners learn about the following topics:


  • Socialisation.

  • The importance of play.

  • How dogs communicate with each other.

  • Basic puppy problems such as toilet training, puppy biting, separation, stealing and chewing

One to one private classes

Tailored to you, at home or outdoors

Dog classes are not for everyone so we also offer individual consultations for owners who need a little extra help. Whether you are looking for an assessment, behaviour modification or basic training because your dog won’t cope with a class then we have a service to suit you. 


  • Behavioural consultation – assessment, training and advice to address a wide range of problems

  • Private Training – Training for people who cannot commit to a class every week

Rescue Dogs

An experienced helping hand

People tend to predict difficulties with rescue dogs and often consider the puppy as the easier solution. However in my experience most rescues slot into your family much quicker than a puppy would because they are already used to the environment that you want them to live in. Often rescue dogs just need a little extra time and attention to give them a chance to shine and show their real personality.


If you are considering giving a home to a rescue, having worked with thousands of rescue dogs during my career, I can provide a more accurate assessment of their behaviour and teach you how to work more effectively together.

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